What to do when you’ve done all you can!

Recently, the world has seemed pretty lopsided from things not going as planned to facing demands that are impossible to fulfill.

It made me start to think and ponder on what it could all mean. 

Sometimes you wish for things that you never see, you pray, you plan, you work hard and do all the right things and yet gain little or nothing. But what do you do when, even after all your effort, you still ‘fail’? Some may even blame you saying things like ‘you didn’t do enough’, ‘you didn’t believe and pray enough’or ‘you’re just too lazy’. 

I just want to say that I found myself in this position. At first it was daunting but after spending some time in solo thought, prayer and worship(whenever I could), I have received clarity from God. It is simple, though it may tarry, I will not be discouraged. The vision is for an appointed time and it will surely happen come what may.  

Just be careful not to let anyone make do wrong. Do not give in to negative pressure. Yes, pressure can be a good thing when it leads you to do right but when it will lead you to wrong decisions and actions, please run! Run from people, places and anything that represents this. Staying will not help you. 

People will always place demands on you that even they themselves can’t meet so don’t let it bother you if it seems overwhelming. 

So where do you go when all these are going on? Run to someone greater than all people, powers and situations and who makes all things right. He is always there and He never fails. He will always love and will always give. He already gave His life for you.

Yes, i know it’s hard to believe but I tell you He is real! And I know because I have met this man and His name is JESUS! He touched my life and I’ve never been the same. 

When Jesus is with you, nothing is impossible. This is my peace and today I am sharing that despite the fact that I’ve not seen and received all I hope for yet, I believe and I know that my breakthrough is round the corner.

My Confidence is in Him! I have Godfidence! My trust is in Him!He is Jesus!!


Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life, Come to Him today and be free. He is waiting for you! 

Keep reading, keep sharing, and remain blessed, bold and bountiful!

Thank you for reading.






Sound of Revival Devotional

John 3:32  ‘He that cometh from above is above all’.

DAILY READING Acts 17:1-15; Judges 6; Job 36

A star fish is an amazing creature. It has the tendency to multiply itself when cut up. If one of the arms of a starfish is severed, a new one will grow in its place. Anytime a starfish is cut up, any piece that contains a part of the central disc will develop into a new starfish. This phenomenon  was first discovered by some oyster fishermen who found that out, when their oyster beds became infested with starfish. The fishermen  cut up the starfish they caught and tossed the pieces back into the water. But to their dismay, they found that rather than destroying the starfish, they were actually helping them multiply. This can be likened to what happens to  children of God, when the enemy tries to cut them down. Instead of…

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It’s a new year!

Exciting isn’t it? The thrill of starting new things; the anticipation for what the year will bring makes many people excited and happy to celebrate a new year.

Many are making new resolutions, plans and more. What’s your plan for the year? What do you hope to achieve? What new resolutions have you made? Do you have a plan on how you will achieve your goals for the year?

I have my answers to these questions and hopefully all will work out according to plan. I hope you are all set for the new year too! 😊

Chew on this food for thought as you get ready for an amazing year ahead.

Happy New year! Bonne Annee!😆😎


Davida Onuigbo

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Indeed, Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all other things will be added to you! Thank you for this word in season! God bless you!

Sound of Revival Devotional

Mathew 10: 9-10

Provide neither gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purses, Nor scrip for your journey, neither two coats, neither shoes, nor yet staves: for workman is worthy of his meat

William Wilberforce was an English politician known as a leader of the movement that helped to abolish slave trade in the British empire in the 18th century. Though he was born into a wealthy family, he lacked peace and fulfillment until he encountered Christ. Prior to this encounter, he was part of fashionable society, attending the theatre and races, entertaining, socializing. After leaving university he was elected to the House of Commons, where he was not active, rather spent most of his time at the three most important gentlemen’s clubs in London. At the time he was a heavy gambler, he dressed in the colourful finery…

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Indeed, delays are not denials!

Sound of Revival Devotional

Isaiah 48:13

Indeed My hand has laid the foundation of the earth, And My right hand has stretched out the heavens; When I call to them, They stand up together

DAILY READING –   Luke 1:57-80; Ezekiel 35-36; Isaiah 59

Scientists have often struggled with certain statements from the Bible. And one statement in particular they struggled with for many centuries, was the verse in Mathew 2:9  that says a star stopped over Bethlehem. They found  this hard to believe because from their studies, they know that stars don’t stop over cities. However  recently, a man named Frederick Larson, made outstanding discoveries that proved this Bible statement to be true. Using simulations with modern computer software, he was able to go back in time and recreate what the sky must have looked like at the time of the birth of Jesus. This can be possible because movement of planetary bodies are very…

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Everybody says it or claims to feel it

But what does it really mean?

Is it just a feeling or thought?

A gesture or a saying?

What really does it mean?


Love, a word that comes and goes

But few people know what it means

True Love, tho’ things and time may fade

Always stands, true and pure

This is a love from above

Agape love, the God-kind of love.


john 3.16 imagephoto credit: google


Many don’t know this and use the word in vain

Causing hurt and pin

To those who choose to believe

Alas! T’is sad how love is abused and misused

Love, A treasure meant to enhance oneness and unity,

Harmonious living among all.


Let us then live in love, in peace as one

For a time will always come

When we need some care and affection

But receive contempt and disdain

Leaving one to wonder

Love, a myth or a reality?



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Sound of Revival Devotional

1 Samuel 14:6 KJV

For there is no restraint to The Lord to save by many or by few.
DAILY READING 1 Thessalonians 1; Isaiah 11-13; Psalm 112
Amazing testimonies in Israel have continually proven that God is the defender of His people. In Israel today, one of the war memorials is the monument of an old cannon which is called the Davidka or ‘little David.’ During the 1948 independence war, when Israel grossly lacked weapons, Jewish scientists resorted to producing homemade weapons to aid in the war. And one of these was the Davidka, modeled after a Czech weapon. However, during the war, when the Davidka was put to use, it turned out to be a great disappointment. It was a primitive cannon that was very inaccurate. As a homemade weapon its effectiveness was more in the amount of noise it made, rather than on its ability to…

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