My name is Davida. I am a driven, passionate, versatile woman. I have a reflective and idealistic type of personality. I am laid-back unless a strongly- held value is threatened. I am also loyal and committed to family, friends and whatever causes or goals I commit myself to. I am a talented writer, poet, voice-over artiste and aspiring television presenter among other skills and talents.

Driven by a passion for excellence and success in whatever I do, I strive to be the best wherever, whenever and however I can be. My basic values are integrity, creativity, loyalty, humility and respect for all. I am an amicable and easy-going personality who believes in hard-work, dedication and patience. Above all, I am a God-lover. Without God, I am nothing!!! Welcome to my little corner of artistic excellence, Enjoy!!!

Please contact me on 2349094436203 or via e-mail – ememakan@gmail.com – for your voice-overs; television presenting; writing; HR services; blog management and media management.